Release dateDalil™ release 1 is scheduled for August 9, 2012                                                     

Dalil™: WebSphere® Configuration Analyzer. It is the only command line based analyzer to compare WebSphere® configuration objects in cloud computing data centers. WebSphere® configuration comparison is automated and easily effected using Dalil. It deconstructs WebSphere® containment paths and WebSphere® configuration objects (along with their content) to derive lexically organized indices for WebSphere® and JEE inter-related terms. Dalil™ generates Gray Cloud Pages: these unique pages form a set of imprecedented comprehensive indices for WebSphere® v.8, topological data. Dalil™ generates neatly structured pivot cloud tables to contrast the difference among WebSphere® configuration data. Dalil™ generates coherent reports for all your WebSphere® topological configurations.

Dalil™ is the smartest and fastest WebSphere® configuration analyzer and reporting tool: it generates intelligent reports for your WebSphere® cloud computing environment; its uniquely designed software data warehouses WebSphere® administrative configuration data in your cloud environment while utilizing patented technology compatible with WebSphere®, 6, 7, 8

— Bassem W Jamaleddine

Dalil™ unique processing

xml file comparison

XML Compare

Patented apparatus to compare WebSphere® XML configuration data. Super fast XML file comparison for WebSphere® administrative configuration.

websphere gray cloud pages

Cloud Computing Gray Pages

Uniquely generated Cloud Gray Pages™ for your WebSphere® cloud.

websphere lexical analysis

Warehouse and Data Analysis

Data warehouse your dense WebSphere® cloud. Powerful lexical analyzer, indexer, and symbol table generator for all of your WebSphere® administrative configuration data.

websphere topology algebraic

Algebraic topological formulation

We utilize algebraic formulations in topological data structures to draw correspondent relation between cells, nodes and servers in a loosely coupled WebSphere® cloud topology.

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Dalil™ unique features

Compare Cloud Configuration

Unique fastest generator for WebSphere® cloud pivot tables

Compare two or more WebSphere® configurations with Dalil. Generate smart, cohesive, compact, and comprehensive cloud pivot tables for your WebSphere® cloud computing environment. Enrich your WebSphere® administrative presence with unique UNIX commands. Audit WebSphere® configuration changes with Dalil.

Index WebSphere® Administrative Configuration

Exclusively the only indexer for WebSphere® configuration

Dalil™ generates index pages for a wordy and convoluted WebSphere. Dalil™ generates an index for each word and display it per order of occurence within WebSphere® convoluted repository. Dalil™ disambiguates WebSphere® configurations in easy to read index pages.

Ship out Reports in Braille

Braille tabulation for WebSphere® administration

Dalil™ formats report in Braille for the visually impaired. These tables are significantly compacted and made easy to understand.

Tabulate WebSphere® Config in Arabic

Arabic administrative reports for WebSphere® administration

Dalil™ is equipped with an Arabic WebSphere® glossary which can print administrative reports in the language. It also possesses a unique Arabic translator for WebSphere® terms. Arabic pivot tables facilitate the management of cloud administration in a data center where the main management language is Arabic.